Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

This weeks photo challenge is a tribute to my motherland – New Zealand. My favorite place on the earth no matter where I end up. Home is where the heart is right? The sunset images are shot from the front garden at my family home in a tiny village called Maketu. Only about 3000 residents, great surfing, and an iconic pie shop. The cityscape is shot from my friend Andy’s house in Wellington – The Coolest Little Capital in the World. If you plan to visit New Zealand, please feel free to ask questions. I’d love to talk about my home <3


  1. sustainabilitea

    My husband and I hope to visit New Zealand when he retires, maybe try to stay for half a year or so. It’s a gorgeous place. I met some lovely Kiwis at the America’s Cup not long ago in San Francisco and although they were disappointed at how it ended, we had a lovely time.


    1. oceanbelcher

      Janet, how amazing you got to be in San Fran for the America’s cup. Indeed it was heart breaking, but we are proud of our boys. No shame when you can’t compete financially. New Zealand is an amazing country, be careful – you might go there and never go home. Water lapping on the beaches, native forest out your back door. What’s not to love :p ?!

      1. sustainabilitea

        If we can afford it, we might try to live there part of the year and the rest in the US. Unfortunately, that’s a ways down the road yet, but if we can’t afford our little hobbit hole there, we’ll at least visit. As for finances, when Larry Ellison can spend more on a boat than most countries and then get to decide almost everything else about the competition, it’s a shame.

      2. oceanbelcher

        Well, do you know who Kim Dotcom is? if so…. we may be in for a chance next time ;D If you want any inside word about NZ, you just let me know! NZ is not so pricey if you do indeed go for a little rural hobbit hole. Summer to summer would be a sweet deal!!!

  2. Sue Rehutai

    Ocean you are doing New Zealand proud and I love reading your blogs. Your writing is awesome and your pics are great. You are indeed a good mix of your mum & dad.

  3. mightwar

    Just found myself staring at these photos for a while. New Zealand – a place of utter wonder; and beauty that sings down through the dermis and sends the spirit dancing amongst the stars.

    1. oceanbelcher

      Let me tell you, New Zealand is Heaven on Earth. Considering all the wonderful feedback Iยดve had on this pictures in the past week, I might have to do a whole post dedicated to my beautiful homeland. You should see the night sky there… A sparkling blue night like no other!

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