Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

The theme for this weeks “Weekly Photo Challenge” issued by WordPress is Descent.

‘Descent’ to me draws strong imagery of the alpine environment. Vast peaks and valleys that open up an unlimited world of possibilities for the snow sports enthusiast. Deep gullies filled in by multiple feet of snow, the tips of trees just peaking out from beneath their heavy winter coats, limbs bending under the weight of the snow, and long untouched runs just waiting for me to descend.

It’s a word that resonates strongly with the alpine community, and even snowboarding legend¬†Terje H√•konsen called his Alaskan Backcountry Snowboarding Film “First Descent”. I’ve included a clip below my weekly entry here:

Kicking Horse Descent
A skier about to drop below the ridge at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.
The view from Revelstoke mountain

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