“The 1975” at Brixton Academy

We walk into a sea of raspberry vodka mixers and multi colored hair. The air is sick in your nostrils with aftershave, perfume, and cheap liquor.  I see bowl cuts thrashing about in the spotlight like head banging punks pre millennium and I’m reminded that I’m not 15 anymore. “The 1975” only released their self-titled debut album in September 2013, but it’s already taken off like the filth in the bathrooms. Girls push and shove to witness the energetic yet heartbroken wallowing’s of a few young bucks, and the chants of  “I want your penis” echo like music to their ears.

Contradicting the mating rituals of pre pubescent girls (and boys) is the grandeur of the Brixton o2 Academy. This venue has won “Venue of the Year” twelve times since 1994 in the NME Awards. The roof is pitch black and makes you feel like your standing under the night sky, and the theatre terraces remind you of its previous life as both a theatre and a cinema. Ideal for a cinematic evening of watching live music through the screen of others i-phones (is this Inception?) Luckily the floor in the stalls is ‘tiered’ so shorty’s like myself can see no matter where we get stranded.

The nights music is catchy and boppy, and will probably be gone as quick as it came in the years to come, but I’m not going to lie – I enjoyed myself. Hearing the strum of a guitar, the bang of the drums, and seeing a few psychotic dance moves reminded me how refreshing live music is compared with the Electronic Dance Music venues I usually choose to frequent.

My ears still feel like they’re bleeding, my dancing definitely didn’t improve, and my night out with a good friend – the Danish Viking was both memorable and laughable.

(Boyband pic is from The 1975 Website)

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