Taking it slow in Raro

Its at times like these you’re reminded of the small pleasures in life.
It’s at times like these you’re forced to step back, refocus, and take things slowly.

I walk barefoot in the rain down pothole-lined streets. Soft from inner city living, i tread carefully so not to hurt them on gravel, shards of glass and leftover cigarette butts.
I’m not saying this is unpleasant, and i like the slosh of my feet through the water as I embark on a journey to nowhere.

Here, life is slow.

Strolling to nowhere I reflect on the businesses of my daily life. Always emails to check, always places to be and never enough time.,
When did we start glorifying the never-ending burden of busyness. Whereby it’s a competition to have more emails, a more hectic social life or other engagements? When did we stop taking a moment to enjoy the simple pleasures and recalibrate?

We need to learn to live more slowly.

I stop into the local store at marvel at my many choices. Revel in the fact that i can buy whatever I want, without need. I settle for a red liquorish strap, a bottle of Chi and some peanut brownies. A gift to carry home to my snoozing companions.
I emplore at the casual and pleasant conversation I strike with the lady behind the counter. She wears a wreath of local flowers on her head – the perfume of frangipani another small delight. Kia Orana. A matching green floral print shirt in stark contrast to her perfectly dark skin. It’s the worst weather she’s seen in months. But don’t let that impact your happiness levels.

Like the proverb goes:

“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”
― Goi Nasu

Embracing the rain I slosh my way over to the beach, taking a swig of Chi and attempting a shortcut through some bushes. I leave my clothes in a soggy pile and take a quick dip. The temperature of the lagoon warmer than the air outside. Who is anyone to argue that this isn’t heaven?

It doesn’t need to be glorious sunshine here; it doesn’t need to be all heat and sand and sangrias.
It’s just having the moment to stop and breathe that is heaven.

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