Slow days in Sardinia

The streets are tall and narrow, and laid out in no identifiable order. They weave and wind up cobbled lanes and washing flies high above like prayer flags strew between the buildings. Small gaps in the brickwork provide a window into the hidden dining world of Sardinia, and short suited waiters call to us with invites of fine wine.Sardinia Map

The old town backs up onto the seaside, where the castle walls drop down onto the blackness of a midnight sea, and one lone speedo-wearing raver dances his night away on a lonely shore.

Whatever aspect of life you magnify in Italy, it seems the Italians are doing it right. Life is slow, the wine is sweet, and their voices are loud and passionate. The children a well-fed cherubs, the women are stunning – and even the stray cats are the best looking I’ve seen on my travels.

And the best part is the tourists are flocking here with money to burn and ensure the locals an easy life…

It’s certainly a life I could settle into – and I can only imagine the way my ancestors went about their days as they lived under the Mediterranean sun.

Our week on the island of Sardinia was slow and indulgent, and there’s not too much to tell. Photos can speak for themselves…

But if you choose to go here yourself look into visiting Stintino, which surely is the jewel of Italy; and be mindful not to order an £80 lobster off the menu.

The lit streets of Alghero, Sardinia
orange house in stintino
The beautiful colored houses in Stintino made me so happy

Sardinia SunsetShop Front in Alghero Al Fresco dining in Algheroalghero grafitti looking through shop port hole Stone arch way old town algheroman looking into water flip flops on rock The sea view from Alghero_DSC0152 _DSC0155


Besties. We went on a kayak trip for Jamie’s birthday.
Feeling pleased with ourselves after an 8km paddle


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