Outdoor Activities in San Jose

San Jose is known as the heart of Silicon Valley. Here you’ll find the world’s biggest technology companies, including Google, Apple, and Facebook, along with the smartest of all tech wizards. But did you know San Jose is also an amazing location to explore outdoors?

With a subtropical Mediterranean climate that averages more than 300 sunny days a year, San Jose invites you to venture away from those screens. Find adventures nestled between the stunning Santa Cruz Mountains and the South Bay, and explore the best of San Jose. 

The San Jose Public Art Walk


san jose grafitti

Image via Flickr by Greenbelt Alliance

If you’re a street art enthusiast like me, then San Jose is a fabulous place to meander the streets. You can find awe-inspiring pieces of commissioned public work and art splashed up by wayward mavericks on almost every corner of the city. The best area is around San Jose State University and throughout the main campus. Keep your eyes peeled for installations from Art Box Project, and see the group’s Facebook Page here. In an effort to graffiti-proof the city, Art Box Project continues to transform city walls and utility boxes into stunning pieces of street art, thus removing blank walls for wayward youth.

Outdoor Ice Skating

When I think of California, I envision palm trees, sandy beaches, and summer holidays. But during the winter season from November to January, Hawaiian Airlines builds an amazing outdoor ice rink in town, allowing you to skate under the stars. Listen to your favorite 80s tracks, join hand in hand with your loved one, and show off your skating dance moves! 

Lake Cunningham Park

This awesome regional park includes a 50-acre lake and endless amounts of open space. Have a round of golf, go for a walk, or try your luck at watersports like sailing, fishing, and even Jet Skiing. For those who are competent on a skateboard, there’s also a 68,000-square-foot skate park with a full pipe, vert ramp, and the odd street feature to play on. Lake Cunningham provides fun for the whole family, so pack a picnic and escape suburbia for the day. 

Alum Rock Park

Deer at Alum Rock

Image via Flickr by donjd2

Located on the eastern side of the city, Alum Rock Park offers 21 km of hiking and biking trails throughout the rugged Californian landscape. Get on your bike to explore beautiful countryside complete with mineral springs, woodland areas, picnic spots, and places to camp. Try the Todd Quick Trail if you’d like to link up to 1,600 acres of the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve.

The Monthly San Jose Bike Party

Make friends, enjoy a few beverages, listen to great tunes, and ride bikes on the third Friday of each month. The San Jose Bike Party is announced 24 hours before the party begins, and a theme is designated for the event. Dress up, join an excitable crowd of participants, and go on an adventure. The event aims to build a strong and connected community spirit through a shared love of biking. What’s not to like?

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