A One Night Stand With Istanbul

The sunrise sticks in the gaps of those chipped off pieces of concrete. Hundreds and thousands of years showing in the fragmented walls, just like they do on the biscuits. This beige blended city rolls on as far as you can fathom and across the Golden Horn I stare with sheer amazement.

Not for a second would I have imagined that in the world there could actually be a place like in Aladdin, Ali Baba, and also those exotic Disney movies and story books, that would actually host me in its streets. _DSC0051

It’s the perfect blend of old and new, historic and modern, you wake up to the wailing call-to-prayer at shock o’clock in the morning, and head out into the psychotic no road-rule traffic of the 21st century in Istanbul.

Take a right at mannequin city, go under the tunnel past bike city, and past various other cities to fulfill your every desire and get to the Grand Bazaar. Curved painted ceilings harbor the ghosts of markets past and I’m sure they’ll all be living in the little tarnished shelves of lamps on offer. Carpets, silver, walls of shisha, and silk scarves to die for are waiting for your haggling skills to be perfected.

Drink tea at tiny elf-sized tables (not apple flavor though – only for tourists), purchase your kebab which is far greater than any you’ve ever tasted abroad, and suck in the smells and sounds of a world so foreign. I’ve never felt so deafened, and so flattered in my life. “Please my Charlie’s Angel”, “Where are you from my princess”, they sure know how to make a blonde girl swoon.

My one night in Istanbul was delicious and it’s a journey that leaves you questioning the flavor of your own existence.

There’s so much to say, but no words can describe just one day in Istanbul…


  1. Maggie

    Loved your words about Istanbul… magical isn’t it??!! We spent 6 weeks in Turkey on our way home and it wasn’t long enough. A little taste to go back to – wider Turkey is even more glorious!! Happy and safe travels…Maggie x

    1. oceanbelcher

      Wise Monkey, I love how frequently you read and comment on my blog. Makes me happppyyyyyy! I’m DESPERATE for longer there. And want to venture outside of Istanbul. Will have to wait till next June though when i’m back for work (sigh)…

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