Kiwiburn – The Robots are Coming

Stripped back to a neanderthal state, I writhe in a pit of mud and silt, naked, reduced to the earth I have come from.  Now the colour of ash and clay, I ritualistically cover my body and observe the fellow neanderthals around me at Kiwiburn.

Gender, race, religion, political views – none of it matters now as we reside here as a unified collective. The sun bakes down and turns our new coat to concrete, before we wash our mud, our burdens, our default lives away in the river. We are reborn.

Kiwiburn is a reincarnation of the infamous Burning Man event in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Having originally formed as an ode to temporary works of art, it’s now an event that strives to build a community of ethically minded individuals whose contributions extend long after the event is over. Guiding principals include:


  • Radical Self Expression

  • Radical Inclusion

  • And Radical Self-reliance

Among others…

In a nutshell, it is a place where the ‘you’ that you may have been restricting or limiting throughout your short life can be ground to dust and reformed, or birthed from it’s cocoon of conformity into sheer glittering brilliance. YOU CAN BE YOU!

Burdens, fears and obedience are left at the gate, and people are their awesome, beautiful unified selves. You can wear those leopard-print tights you’ve had in the back of the cupboard for years, that neon green tutu, those skin-tight overalls, that monster one-piece you couldn’t resist. You wander around topless, paint suns on your breasts, wear baseball shirts with no pants or a patchwork suit. It just doesn’t matter.

When that fire burns hot – you won’t be wearing clothes anyway!

Night time comes and the wildlings gather to burn the man. The drums beat faster, the toys spin quicker and the calls of the wild grow louder.

Fervent energy rises to total ecstasy until the man erupts into flames and our hopes and dreams explode into embers spiralling high into the night sky.

Glowing humans lose their clothes overcome with the feelings of radical self expression, and circulate, hundred deep around a smouldering wreckage. Golden hair glows in the firelight and skins glisten with sweat, dust and adrenaline. We are tribal. We are phone free. We are one.

kiwiburn 2017
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Remember the wolves!