Hiking the Pinnacles Track – The Ultimate Day Trip from Auckland

Kauaeranga Valley Pinnacles Summit

I’ve found myself a little pozzie below the Pinnacles summit. Sitting here dwarfed by the massive rock formations I’ve seemingly conquered, I dangle my feet off the edge of a cliff-face and feel invincible. Seems like a good spot for a sandwich.

Lunch with a view. #nzmustdo #hikerliker

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Panoramic views of the Kauaeranga Valley lay before me and I can see Coromandel Town way off in the distance. Birdsong is dancing from the treetops and it’s music to my ears. It’s been a long time since I’ve truly just sat, watched, listened.

This fresh air and alpine scenery is revitalizing and I feel that this was the jaunt from city life I needed. How blessed are we in New Zealand that the wilderness is so easily accessible.

Pinnacles Summit, Coromandel

Looking down from top of Pinnacles Track

The Pinnacles Track is one of New Zealand’s most popular day walks, traversing craggy peaks, groves of nikau palms, huge rata trees and bouncing swing bridges. As you cross the streams you can only begin to imagine the huge torrents of water that flood down here throughout the winter, and its no surprise that the track is a slippery mess of adventure. Make sure you pack some decent footwear – gym shoes just wouldn’t cut it!

Scramble through rivers, over giant boulders, take ladders up cliff faces and duck under branches. Don’t be afraid to get your boots muddy and your hands dirty, cause it’s inevitable. And totally worth it.

View of Pinnacles Summit from Heli Pad

Pinnacles Track Day Trip

Panoramic views of the Kauaeranga Valley

The Pinnacles Track Day Trip

From the Kauaeranga Road end to the Pinnacles Hut is 2.5 hours each way. Then add on another 50 minutes each way to take the Goat Track to the Summit – that’s where the real rewards are. Find out more about walking the Pinnacles on the DOC website.