Day Dot

Day Dot.

23 Hours of travel and I’m in LA. Not without getting stung $156 for excess baggage and having a screaming poo’ing baby behind me. Guess it was the rude awakening that I needed…
LA is awesome. HOT HOT HOT. 32 degrees today. Feel like I stepped into the tropics. This is definately the land of the weird and wacky though. So many spidermen and darth vaders and drunks asleep in gardens. The land of the weird and wonderful. The food is big. The people are big. And the churches are big (and everywhere)!

Brescia and I snuck into the Roosevelt hotel next door for a swim today because we were dying in the heat. Good cheap activity to partake in, and my saving grace after the long flight!

Apart from that, just the usual festivities. Hollywood boulevard was great too see. Visited Bob Marley, Marilyn Munroe and The Simpsons. Ate a huge meal for under $5 at “Sharkies” which is a taco place. $4.57 for a taco, brown rice, beans, corn chips, salsa, salad and a half cup of pop. Cheap place to eat and an 8/10!!!

All is well so keep posted for the next installment…


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