Cocktail Bars for Christmas

As the London cocktail culture continues to flourish, along with it does the innovative bartenders that come up with the creative and cutting-edge drinks. Concept venues are popping up around the city like wild mushrooms in the marshes, and at some point you begin to lost site of the safe from the seedy.

So let me save you from spending a night in turmoil – look no further than the Shrub & Shutter on Brixton’s Cold Harbour lane. You’ll find her tucked up the back streets of Brixton far from the haunts that you’d usually slip yourself. The Shrub & Shutter appears to be built into the bottom floor of an old townhouse and somebody’s just been plain ingenious with a misused space. I can almost imagine a group of young bartenders and tipple-enthusiasts living upstairs and funding the project on Kickstarter – but this part remains a mystery.

Shrub & Shutter Negroni
Image Courtesy of the Shrub & Shutter FB Page

Their extensive cocktail menu has been created with local seasonal ingredients and an ever changing selection of contemporary bar snacks. Did I mention an interactive drinks programme? What is this you may ask? Each cocktail you order comes with a theme, a process, or a product that emphasizes its name and compliments its spirit.

Spoiler Alert:

When ordering a drink named the “Momento”, a waiter will zip over to you with an old-school Polaroid camera and snap a shot for you to remember the night by forever – a momento.

Also worth mentioning the “’Ave a Zombie & Bitch”. Besides the name it’s as toxic as it sounds and will kick start your night like no other.

Av' a Zombie Cocktail
Av’ a Zombie Cocktail

However, I won’t spoil the rest of the menu for you.

The space itself is quirky and split between two diverse rooms. The front room seems to play MGMT on loop and is surrounded by topical nic-nacs like scientific beakers, mini beer barrels and strange ornaments. The back room gets you intimate with your neighbors and boasts live jazz on Fridays. The three musicians play in a space the size of wardrobe and cram-jam on their double basses and piano. The vibe alone is worth the trip.

Try it, It’s the epitome of cool!

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