Street Art in Christchurch

dickhead street art christchurch

Gone is the beige brick history. Gone is the story of colonial English settlers. From the ashes and dust rises a story of resilience, of creativity and regeneration – through street art.

Not dissimilar to East Berlin – where the remnants of the Berlin wall have been overtaken by street artists to express freedom and a swift middle finger to the oppression of the 1940s – Christchurch has overcome the challenges of devastating earthquakes to now symbolise the start of a transitional art movement in New Zealand.

A feeling of regeneration has been cemented on the city streets, and is a true testament to the hardy kiwi spirit. I am in awe.

A handful of street art…


colourful street art christchurch
colourful street art christchurch
cookie monster street art christchurch
cookie monster street art christchurch

christchurch rubble and art

christchurch mural




christchurch grafitti panda

storm trooper street art christchurch


container mall christchurch

marae christchurch cathedral


Learn more about the artists here.


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