Kiwiburn – The Robots are Coming

Stripped back to a neanderthal state, I writhe in a pit of mud and silt, naked, reduced to the earth I have come from.  Now the colour of ash and clay, I ritualistically cover my body and observe the fellow neanderthals around me at Kiwiburn.

Gender, race, religion, political views – none of it matters now as we reside here as a unified collective. The sun bakes down and turns our new coat to concrete, before we wash our mud, our burdens, our default lives away in the river. We are reborn.

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Adventure is only a State of Mind


Adventure is only a state of mind.

Adventure is about stretching yourself physically, mentally, culturally or emotionally.

Its about doing what you love, doing what you wouldn’t normally do, pushing yourself hard and to the best of your ability. It’s about exploring places you wouldn’t normally explore, meeting and accepting people that may not fit it inside your usual mould of normality. About being prepared to be humbled, maybe even humiliated in the name of personal growth.

If this is true, then adventure is all around us, we have the potential to live and breathe adventure everywhere we go. And this means it’s accessible to all – no matter your budget, your fears or your current situation. Adventure does not discriminate.

Adventure is only a state of mind!

As such, upon hearing the term “microadventure” (coined by a bloke called Alastair Humphreys in GB) I’ve decided to adopt a year of these mini adventures to satisfy my restless adventurous soul. What are they?

“A microadventure is an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.”

As the world’s population becomes increasingly urbanised, busy, and stuck in front of a screen, microadventures offer a realistic escape to wilderness, simplicity and the great outdoors, without the need to ski to the South Pole or go live in a cabin in Patagonia. They’re accessible to people like me with very little inner Bear Grylls, and they’re simple enough to drag your friends on!

So here we go. 12 months of Microadventures. Starting now. In no particular order I am planning to do the following:

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Bura Bootcamp: Surfing, Hiking and Yoga

My legs feel like the muscles have turned to lead as I climb the stairs to the Bura rooftop. Crawling from the sweet cocoon of my bunk a serious battle after 3 days on the Bura Bootcamp. But the sun salutations were calling, and lying on the roof in Shavasana doesn’t seem a bad alternative to sleeping.

In the distance I can hear the town of Lagos slowly waking and a chorus of birdsong summoning the sun from her hiding place. A soft orange hue begins to colour-in the surrounding whitewashed buildings and they appear to glow in the morning light.

Miri, a sun goddess in her own right sits cross-legged and fresh faced in the corner of the rooftop. An absolute bronzed diva, I can see why all the women want to be her, and the men want to be with her. She has a figure we could only aspire to, and the aura of a true Zen master. Continue reading Bura Bootcamp: Surfing, Hiking and Yoga

Scoring Travel Tips from Bloggers and Locals

Picture this: You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. You’ve been saving hard, adding destinations to your Pinterest board and eyeing up pristine landscapes for months. Now it’s finally time for your dream holiday.

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Outdoor Activities in San Jose

San Jose is known as the heart of Silicon Valley. Here you’ll find the world’s biggest technology companies, including Google, Apple, and Facebook, along with the smartest of all tech wizards. But did you know San Jose is also an amazing location to explore outdoors?

With a subtropical Mediterranean climate that averages more than 300 sunny days a year, San Jose invites you to venture away from those screens. Find adventures nestled between the stunning Santa Cruz Mountains and the South Bay, and explore the best of San Jose. 

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